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"As a specialist in the HVAC field for thirty years, I fully commit to this product. Captain Cool Air filters are genius! With its multiple uses and rejuvenation qualities, CCA filters are soon to become an invaluable product for every HVAC distributor."


Don Miller,

Southeast Regional Sales Manager, EWC

“Thanks for the introduction to these filters. We have had them in service for three months now and we can tell a tremendous difference in moisture removal and food odor removal. The staff in our operation were asked to monitor the condition of the freezers and coolers before and after the installation. They said they could tell a real difference. I would recommend you try the Captain Cool Air filters and you to will tell the difference."



County Schools, North Carolina

"This is a great investment. The fact that I can reuse the filter, and it’s not difficult to rejuvenate makes it perfect for my coolers."


Jason Muellenbach,

Owner/Operator, Belle Isle Bayou, Florida

"The Captain Cool Air filters have kept my food fresh for at least a month. Especially with fruits and vegetables. The refrigerator feels colder for some reason. These filters are great and they have eliminated the smells as well. It has also eliminated the freezer burn in my freezer. I'm going to recommend them to all my employees and friends. Thanks Captain Cool Air."


Ania Mirocha,

Food & Beverage,

Walt Disney World, Florida

"The food definitely lasts longer. The walk in stays cold even when the door is cracked. The Coolers also get to temperature a lot faster. It also feels colder and doesn’t feel as humid."


George Perez,

Kitchen Manager, Belle Isle Bayou, Florida

"The filters have worked great! I have noticed the food lasting much longer; at least two times longer. This has allowed us to order our produce in cases instead of individual packages. The produce is much cheaper by the case. Set at the same temperature the cooler feels much colder with the filters installed. There is very low maintenance and they don't wear out. I would highly recommend Captain Cool Air Filters for any refrigeration systems."


Alex Rosario,

Gators Dockside, Florida

"I have a customer that has a burger bar. The walk-in cooler that supplies short term food storage also serves as the draft beer cooler. 

The challenge has been the high humidity levels causing repeated freeze ups due to the extreme amount of door openings: the beer needs to be as cold as we can get it without causing excessive freeze ups. The cooler has air defrost. The freeze up problem was due to the high amount of door openings which allow warm humid air in the cooler. This moisture condenses on the cold evaporator and turns to ice, once the coil is iced up the capacity of the cooler drops dramatically. As a result of freezing the unit cannot reach set point. The air defrost only works when the thermostat is satisfied. In the off cycle the ice is supposed to be clear before the next call for cooling. If there is too much ice on the coil the temperature will hang in the 50s. There is nothing wrong with the mechanical equipment.

The Captain Cool Air filter has eliminated this problem by absorbing the humidity and trapping it instead of the moisture freezing on the evaporator coil. This has resulted in a more consistent temperature for the beer and more importantly the food lasts longer and does not smell like cut onions.

​The Captain Cool Air filters are amazing in this application, by absorbing the humidity they prevent freeze ups, keep the product fresher longer due to more consistent temperatures, and reduce odors. I would recommend they be installed in any cooler to control these problems.

-Gary LaRose,

President of TPU Air Conditiong & Heating Company

FloridaCAC 1816357 - I have been a licensed air conditioning contractor in Florida since 1983.I have worked in commercial and industrial air conditioning, heating and refrigeration since 1978. I represented Carrier Transicold and then Thermo King Corporation. My career at Thermo King started at the dealer level and then with the corporation as National Account Manager, Region Director, and other positions for 23+ years from Canada to Chile. Best regards."