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Commercial -

Sizing of the Commercial filters CCA-15x12 is determined by the amount of efficiency you want to achieve. At Captain Cool Air we have tested our product in a variety of conditions and we recommend the following. Just keep in mind more is better if you want maximum results and a reduced rejuvenation schedule. Captain Cool Air recommends 1 CCA-15x12 for every 500 cubic feet. This will give maximum results for Walk in Coolers with perishables (produce, dairy). If there are no perishables like a Beer Cooler where humidity control and reduced moisture is the main concern then you can extend the size to 750 cubic Ft per CCA-15x12. This also holds true for Freezers where humidity, ice and snow removal are the major concerns, 1 CCA-15x12 per 750 cubic feet. 

​Place where you have maximum return air is present (where air has to pass thru filter before refrigeration coil) Behind coil is preferred but must have 7 inches of clearance from coil and at least 4 inches clearance from wall. The main concern is not to inhibit or restrict air flow. Failure to follow clearances can damage or inhibit efficiency of refrigeration equipment. Place filter on a rack under unit or you can always hang on the side ofthe unit. Make sure air from the door passes thru filter before coil.

For Industrial installations: Cooler docks and warehouse coolers, contact Captain Cool Air Support for recommendations.

Residential -

Use 1 CCAB for your average to small refrigerator or freezer. If your refrigerator is oversized use 2 CCAB’s. Place on second shelf or where maximum intake airflow is present.
For your producebin use 1 CCAM for maximum efficiency for fruits and vegetables. Place in ben with fruits and vegetables for maximum results.

Air conditioning -  

​Use 1 CCA-15x12 for every 5 tons of air conditioning. Place in return air stream or return plenum. Make sure you don’t restrict air flow across the coil or thru the system!

Cleaning, "Rejuvenating":

Captain Cool filter conditioners need to be rejuvenated.  Properly maintained the filter conditioners will never wear out.  Rejuvenating the filter conditioners is simple and easy.  All you have to do is put the product in an oven and cook at 200 degrees for 1 hour.  Heating the media will release any contaminants that are trapped. Another accepted method is set the filter conditioner in the sun on a warm day for 6 hours.  Cooking in the oven guarantees you dispose of all contaminants. The rejuvenation process depends on the amount of absorption that is taking place.  This is the amount of gases and contaminants the filter holds onto and is not released. With perishable food the filter conditioners should be rejuvenated every 6 to 12 months.  In a produce cooler where the ethylene gas levels are high it is recommended rejuvenating every 6 months or sooner if needed. In a normal walk-in cooler every 12 months is fine. In a freezer where moisture control is the main concern you can extend the rejuvenation time, up to 18months. You do not hurt or deteriorate the filter when you rejuvenate.  

For an air conditioner if you introduce heat into the system this will rejuvenate the filter automatically. If no heat is introduced then once a year is good. In residential refrigerators every 6 months is advised and in residential freezers every 12 to 18 months. Once the filter conditioners are installed figure out a rejuvenating schedule that works for you.  Captain Cool filter conditioners are designed to give you years and years of dependable service. Let Mother Nature’s technology be your miracle.

Filters can be made to order for custom sizing by contacting your nearest distributor.

CCAB - Picture of bag to come!
CCAM - Picture of mat to come!
CCAB Kit: kit includes 2 CCAB and 1 CCAM


Captain Cool Air Filter, 15" x 12"

Filter Conditioner Media Information

Captain Cool products are 100% American made. We use a proprietary Zeolite mineral blend. Captain Cool products are allergy-free, pollutant-free, and leave no respiratory irritants in the air.  Zeolite is also used in dietary supplements and is even being tested for cancer research.  The casing for Captain Cool Air zeolite filters are made with extruded aluminum, extremely strong and will never rust or wear out.  If properly maintained, the zeolite material can be rejuvenated.  Place in an oven at 200 degrees for an hour or the sun for 6 or more hours. This rejuvenates the filters and will be ready to fight the villains that rob and steal from your refrigeration and air conditioning systems once again!!!  Properly maintained, the Captain Cool filters never wear out.