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Humidity And Moisture Control: 

The Captain Cool Air filter is designed to remove excess moisture in high humidity situations.  It holds the water vapor until the cooler can regain its efficiency, then when stabilized the filter releases the moisture back into the air to dispose of the moisture in an efficient way: out of the drain. This release can take place when the unit goes into its "super-cool mode,"which is how the majority of coolers and refrigeration units work. The "super-cool mode" is when the unit is pulling all of the moisture it can, from wherever it can, to reach temperature, which can cause the perishable food to dry out.  Captain Cool Air filters eliminate this problem.   

Dew point temperatures are lowered! 

Dew point temperatures - which is the temperature at which a vapor begins to condense - tend to rise when there is too much humidity and moisture in an area.  Low dew points are hard to achieve in coolers and freezers when the moisture levels are too high.  Captain Cool Air filters lower the dew point temperature by eliminating excess moisture.  In experimental studies, Captain Cool Air filters have lowered the dew point up to 4 full degrees!Lowering the dew point temperature eliminates ice from forming on evaporator fans, ceilings, floors, walls and stored products, adsorbing the moisture before it turns to ice. The next time you walk into your cooler, check the evaporator, entrance doors and any openings, and there is probably ice! The presence of ice signifies a high level of humidity, and the only way to help the problem is to reduce the moisture. Ice is nothing more than frozen moisture. 

Defrost cycles can also be reduced! 

Evaporators - which are a major component of refrigeration units - require several defrost cycles to try keep up with eliminating moisture-freezing, because icing compromises the entire efficiency of any system. Any amount of ice buildup reduces airflow and causes the evaporator fans to run ineffectively, causing costly repair service as the unit ages.  Since Captain Cool Air filters control the humidity and moisture levels and allow the refrigeration system to run more efficiently, you can reduce the time of the defrost cycle or even eliminate some cycles (if your unit is a demand defrost unit). This change saves you money on energy bills, and results less wear-and-tear on your equipment.  Bottom line: Captain Cool Air filters make your unit run more efficiently! 

No ice buildup on products, equipment or surfaces!

With the control of moisture and lower dew points, ice buildup is virtually eliminated. Captain Cool Air makes the area of concern a safer work environment, which can also help with inspections and may help prevent an insurance claim: no ice on the floor, no snow on the stored product, no slips and falls, no claims. ...just another advantage of the Captain Cool Air Filter.

Food lasts longer, stays fresher!​

The Captain Cool Air filter also captures a lot of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds): gases, molds, and spores that cause your food to deteriorate rapidly. The filter reduces ethylene gases and stops the transfer of odors from one product to another; this means the shelf life of products is dramatically increased.  

​Ethylene gas is an odorless, colorless gas that is naturally produced by the ripening process. This gas causes the premature and accelerated ripening and decaying of surrounding fruits and vegetables. There are products that are shipped green, like bananas and tomatoes, that are put into chambers with ethylene gas to ripen before going to the store. With a Captain Cool Air filter eliminating ethylene gas, shelf life of your ripening product goes up. Now only the internal sugars continue to ripen the food, and your shrinkage is reduced by up to 50%.

 ​Excess humidity can also cause accelerated decay. But wait! The Captain Cool Air filter regulates humidity. When there is excess humidity in the unit, the filter will adsorb the water vapors and then hold the vapors until the temperature and pressures change. These water vapors are only released when humidity levels come down and the condenser is running at peak efficiency, which allows for the removal of the excess moisture by sending it down the condensation drain. Captain Cool Air filters release the moisture back into the air at the appropriate time, to keep products from drying out and resulting in fresher, crisper commodities.

Odors are removed!​

Odors have always been a major concern in any dwelling. Over the years, consumers have used deodorizers which have chemicals in them to mask or hide the smell--these chemical deodorizers actually pollute the air. Captain Cool Air filters absorb odors, getting rid of them for good. The filter actually traps the odors in the honeycomb structure and only releases them when the filter is rejuvenated. The American Lung Association states that most people spend 60-90% of their time indoors, and the Environmental Protection Agency says indoor air is found to be UP TO 70 TIMES more polluted than the outdoor air. Let Captain Cool Air remove pollutants from your home or business; as the American Lung Association also states, a total of 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. Here at Captain Cool Air, we want to help you overcome the pollutants that could be making you sick, as the EPA ranks poor indoor air quality among the top five environmental risks to public health.  

​Your indoor environment can become detrimental to your health due to poor indoor air quality caused by cleaning products, aerosols, room deodorizers, and chemicals found within building materials. Captain Cool Air filters remove odors and keep your surrounding air fresh and clean. Our filters remove potentially harmful gases such as nicotine, formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and more. Most environments nowadays are built too tightly or sealed too tightly for proper ventilation, which does not let the structure breathe and can cause sick-building syndrome. The EPA report, “What causes Indoor Air Problems” says that “Indoor pollution sources that release gases or particles into the air can be the primary cause of indoor air quality problems."  Our filters are allergy-free, pollutant-free filters that leave no respiratory irritants in the air. They clean the air by eliminating the odors instead of just covering them up or masking them.

Helps prevent mold and mildew!​

Relative humidity is often above the 70% range. When levels reach this high, the environment becomes perfect for the formation of mold spores and mildew. By reducing the moisture content in the air with Captain Cool Air filters, you will provide your business or home with a climate free of moisture-borne allergens, molds, and mildews. The result? Safer and healthier air. The Captain Cool Air filters have the ability to adsorb water vapor molecules, and Zeolites are a negatively-charged minerals while water molecules are positively-charged, therefore the water molecules are trapped to prevent moisture in the area; this takes away the breeding ground for mold and mildew. Captain Cool Air filters in all applications help prevent mold and mildew from multiplying in your area of concern.

Less wear-and-tear on your equipment!​

Due to the unique ability of the Captain Cool Air filter to adsorb and then later release moisture, your equipment will run more efficiently. Guaranteed. One of an air conditioner's main purposes is to remove humidity and heat from the air. Every time your unit shuts down the humidity levels rise in your system. When the humidity levels are high, which means the moisture content is high, the unit works very hard to remove the moisture and humidity;  requiring more energy, and more money, to cool the area back down.  After the unit removes the humidity to an acceptable level, then the unit can run efficiently--Captain Cool Air filters remove the moisture when the unit is running inefficiently, and release it back slowly when the unit is running efficiently. By reducing the load on the compressor and allowing the unit to run in a more efficient manner, you save money. In the refrigeration market, due to the ability to remove water vapor, the filters reduce defrost cycles and also reduce amp draw, to save you money. Captain Cool Air filters were tested and showed an average of a 5% amp draw reduction when the filters were present. This mere 5% reduction alone will pay for the cost of Captain Cool Air filters.

Moisture in refrigerated spaces comes from several sources: not keeping the door closed, bad door seals, a lack of a cooler curtain, and heat from any warm products. This moisture is visible in the form of condensation, fogging, frost and ice buildup. Eliminate watery build-up by installing one of our Captain Cool Air filters!

Captain Cool Air filters stabilize the humidity and moisture in your refrigeration system. The major problem with residential and commercial refrigeration systems is the warm humid air being introduced into the cooler or freezer each time the door is opened. Captain Cool Air reduces and eliminates this problem to save you money.

When a refrigeration space is constantly re-opening, the temperature and moisture levels rise from an influx of warm air. By installing a Captain Cool filter this excess moisture is collected into the porous Zeolite mineral and eliminated, helping the refrigeration system to run more efficiently.




Let Captain Cool Air Zeolite Filters fight the villains that rob and steal the efficiency of your refrigeration and cooling equipment...