“Thanks for the introduction to these filters. We have had them in service for three months now and we can tell a tremendous difference in moisture removal and food odor removal. The staff in our operation were asked to monitor the condition of the freezers and coolers before and after the installation. They said they could tell a real difference. I would recommend you try the Captain Cool Air filters and you to will tell the difference."


HVAC/Refrigeration Supervisor,

County Schools, North Carolina

"This is a great investment. The fact that I can reuse the filter, and it’s not difficult to rejuvenate makes it perfect for my coolers."


Jason Muellenbach,

Owner/Operator, Belle Isle Bayou, Florida

Captain Cool Air Zeolite Filter

Captain Cool Air Zeolite Filters are made of a unique blend of zeolite minerals specially formulated to work with existing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems. Because of its molecular structure and adsorbency properties it has unique abilities to help with moisture, mold, and odor problems. Properly maintained, the Captain Cool Air products never wear out. That’s right! These filters last for years, to be used over and over again.

What Clients Say About Captain Cool Air

"The filters have worked great! I have noticed the food lasting much longer; at least two times longer. This has allowed us to order our produce in cases instead of individual packages. The produce is much cheaper by the case. Set at the same temperature the cooler feels much colder with the filters installed. There is very low maintenance and they don't wear out. I would highly recommend Captain Cool Air Filters for any refrigeration systems."


Alex Rosario,

Gators Dockside, Florida

"The food definitely lasts longer. The walk in stays cold even when the door is cracked. The Coolers also get to temperature a lot faster. It also feels colder and doesn’t feel as humid."


George Perez,

Kitchen Manager, Belle Isle Bayou, Florida

  • Humidity and moisture control
  • Less equipment wear-and-tear
  • Mold and mildew prevention
  • Ice build-up elimination
  • Odor removal
  • Fresher food
Zeolite: Nature's Miracle

Zeolites were first used in the US in the 1970s for treating wastewater, ammonia and radioactive material.  Due to its adsorption and absorption abilities Zeolites are now used in a wide array of industries such as the heating, refrigeration, Biogas, agricultural and nuclear trades.

The uses are growing every day. Zeolites have also been dubbed the "Mineral of the 21st Century". Its unique structure and miraculous abilities lend themselves to endless opportunities and advancements. Let Captain Cool Air fly you into the 21st Century using quality custom-blended zeolite desiccant filters and products. Proudly made in the USA!


Zeolite is also being used in the medical field in various ways. In some cases, is liquefied and ingested to clear the body of impurities. Zeolite-based oxygen concentrator systems are also widely used to produce medical-grade oxygen. Specifically, the zeolite is used as a molecular sieve to create purified oxygen from the air using its ability to trap impurities.

Diverse Applications

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